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Dr. DivX;-)
Dr. DivX;-)
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Apr, 11 2003
Hello Doc. Check out this page. they say that you can burn you dvd with out a DVD burner what do ya think?
keywords: DVD to CD
contributor: mondolfo
Apr, 15 2003
I??ve got a bunch of those prgs... (like Replica etc.) They rip from the dvd then convert the outcome to vcd or svcd (or sometimes even some other format). But I don??t recommend them. Due to the lack of quality you actually get when converting between different video-formats... And if you convert a couple of times. (like from divx to regular avi, then from avi to mpeg or svcd, vcd.) The quality really goes bad.. The best thing is, that when you get a hold of a video, (like from the net) in for instance divX, and the quality is good. Let it be. Theres no use in making it worse. If you on the other hand get hold of a dvd, you want to have. Just rip it to divX instead. And the quality loss is minimal... Try to watch the movie directely from the computer instead. (connected to the tv-set that is. ) Well this is just my opinion. I prefer good quality and have no problem burning divx movies and using a cable from the computer to my tv to watch it from there. Instead of losing a lot of quality just to be able to watch it from my dvd. And if you REALLY want to convert and rip with these prgs. There are prgs like these for free... So don??t waste any money on commercial things when there??s freeware out there that can do the job just as well. Hope this helps a bit! Ciao =)
contributor: twebbas>

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