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Dr. DivX;-)
Dr. DivX;-)
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Apr, 15 2003
Hi. I have a problem ripping dvds to divx avi. The outcome is really bad. Ive tried almost 15 prgs by now, but none of them seem to do the trick. Recently I tried prgs like EasyDivX and Gordian Knot. Gordian was a really good prg, with lots of editing possibilities. Maybe one of the best I??ve tried. But the final avi-file was REALLY bad. Even after trying to change settings etc in the program and doing the whole process over and over again... But then again, that goes to all of the prgs I??ve tried. Even if I used simple "how-to-do-step-by-step"- tutorials it didn??t work. The final outcome was really lousy. Other prgs I??ve used are Replica, Dvd-to-"whatever-you-want", etc. It??s really frustrating actually. I know that there HAS to be really good prgs out there. But I just can??t seem to find any... Or maybe I??m missing something.? If you for instance use a peer-to-peer based prg as Kazaa, and download a movie, you sometimes get movies with REALLY good quality in about 700mb size. I wanna be able to make such rips. Learning is not the problem. =) I would be REALLY GRATEFUL for help or tips! Thanx!! =)
contributor: twebbas
Apr, 15 2003
GordianKnot is the best DVD to avi encoder there is at the moment . If the video it produced for you is lousy, then you did something wrong . Mail me : JazzMC at gmx dot de . Tell me as exactly as you can what settings you used in GKnot (ALL of it; the more you tell me, the more I can tell you) . Jan .
contributor: JazzMC>

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