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Dr. DivX;-)
Dr. DivX;-)
 Dr. DivX - View Solution 
Apr, 15 2003
Hello Doc, I have this problem I want make my AVI movies to VCD format so I can watch them in my DVD player, but went I convert them using NEro VIsion Express the subtitles look very bad so bad that some times you can even read them, I can??t fix that beacuse most of my movies are just 1 file with all audio, video and subtitles. What do you recomend to fix this problem, do you know other great software to convert my avis movies to VCD??s movies?. I??m using Nero Express because it let me add chapters to my movies that all but if you know any other software to do that please tell me the software??s name.
keywords: Encoding
contributor: mondolfo
Apr, 16 2003
You can use a program to convert your avi file to mpeg.Great for this job is tmpeg.After it's very simple to convert the mpeg file to vcd.
contributor: maddoctor>

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