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Dr. DivX;-)
Dr. DivX;-)
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May, 5 2003
I can't find guides that show how to converse a movie from AVI to VCD on 1 CD. All guides show how to split movies into 2 parts, and burn 2 Cd's. Is there a way to converse a movie into only 1 CD (VCD) - with subtitles? And with good quality..... (No Matter How Long It Takes). Please note here the top top best of the best guides you know / use . THANX !!!
keywords: VCD, one cd, converse, subtitle
contributor: KoO-kOo
May, 5 2003
hey there, i have been using tmpgenc for a long time and it produces pretty decent vcd's/svcd's in my opinion. so download it if you don't have it. NOTE: it is best to do this overnight as it does take a while. if the avi is on a disc load it onto your computer. open up tmpgenc, if the guide comes up your ready to start if not click on file>project wizard. click on vcd pal/ntsc (whichever relates to you) load up the video and audio source (if it is an avi when you load the video the audio will automatically be loaded) i found that if you want to fit a movie on one disc it helps to get rid of most of the credits as not many people watch them anyway. so click on source range and drag the slider to the end of the movie and the beginning of the credits. hit 'set end frame' then 'ok'. hit next and you should have a preview file size there. click on the disc size you plan to burn it to. if you don't need to make any changes to allow for it to fit on the one disc hit 'next' and then tell it where you want the output file. hit ok. however if you do need to make some changes to allow for it to fit on one disc click 'expert' the click the 'audio' tab. where it says 'bitrate' click it then click unlock. change it to 64. i find that it doesn't really affect the overall sound of the movie so i do this to all of mine. so the video quality is better. hit ok. if the filesize still won't fit on the disc you will have to lower the video quality. so click 'expert' again and click the 'video' tab. click bitrate and then 'unlock'. hit ok. you can now change the 'average video bitrate' to whatever you need to so it will fit on the disc. NOTE: if you did need to make any of these changes so that the file will fit on one disc you must click 'expert' again and then click the 'system' tab. where it says 'stream type' click 'MPEG-1 Video-Cd (non standard)'. hit 'next' and then tell it where you want the output file. hit ok. when you wake up the next morning you should have a vcd ready to burn and watch. i recommend you use vcdeasy to burn it as this allows for menu's and chapters etc its free. go to google and type in somthing like "vcdeasy tutorial" it should come up with a few good sites. well hope all this helps. BJ
contributor: bj_dyr>

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