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 Ellisaios's MicroDVD Subtitles guide 

v1.0 - Guide & Images by: [email protected] |


Please do not clone/copy this guide for commercial porpuses without permission!
If you want to use this guide to your website or book, do so but give a full credit to the
respective author including email and website address (the ones at the start).

Ok lets get started!
In this guide we will learn how to view subtitles along with a movie using MicroDVD Player.
MicroDVD Version 1.2 can be downloaded here: Download (2,1MB).

Make sure you have a installed copy of MicroDVD and open it up. It should look like this:

To enable MicroDVD subtitle activity, you must set its mode to Quick INI.
To do that click the "M" button (aka "MicroDVD") to enable file mode (the "F" button):

Once the "F" button (aka "File Mode") goes enabled (it will turn white):

click it until the mode icon is on Quick INI position on the player:

For some reason, MicroDVD player enables you to play subtitles only when using Quick INI
mode. I dont know why so please dont ask me...

Ok now that we've set the player to its right mode, we will click the "^" button (aka "Eject")
to start setting movie, audio and subtitle files to do our job:

Once clicked, Open File dialogs will appear one after another.
The first dialog will ask you to open main movie file, do so (look at dialog title).
After that you will be asked for multiple sound files, if you dont have any just click "Cancel"
button or select the main movie file again. And finally, you will be asked for a subtitle
file, select it *wiselly* and click "Open" button (carefully, hehe).

Once the movie has started make sure the subtitles are ON (activated).
You can set on/off the subtitles by using this button:

To convert a subtitle file into a supported MicroDVD subtitle file, just use the
MicroDVD subtitle converter which comes along with the MicroDVD program.

This ends the guide, thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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