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 Howto make a DivX movie with AC3 sound 
What u need Virtual Dub AC3 - special version - download
AC3 active filters pack - download
step 1:
Starting VirtualDub_ac3
Go to "File -> Open Video File" and specify your video AVI.
step 2:
Direct Stream copy
Go to "Video -> Direct Stream Copy".
step 3:
Change File types
Go to "Audio -> Wav audio", When the file dialog appears, change the "File types" to All files. Select your AC3 file. A summary dialog will appear giving the AC3 stream info.
step 4:
Go to "Audio -> Interleaving". Change "Preload" to 160 ms and "Interleave audio" to 160ms. (Make sure the "ms" radio button is checked). It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT use values larger than 160ms since the audio playback will stutter.
step 5:
Go to "File -> Save AVI" (F7)- Multiplexing will start and you will end up with an AVI file.
step 6:
step 7:
Before Play
Before play a movie you must a active filters from pack. Simply unzip and launch a registerfilters-98.bat or registerfilters-2k.cmd.

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Comments from anonymousposted - Jan, 02 2003 - 21:38
and what about linux? will I be able to listen ac3 to linux?
Comments from anonymousposted - Dec, 30 2002 - 20:17
I am trying a way to convert an AC3 file to Multi-channel mp3 file please e-mail me [email protected]
Comments from tzahiposted - Nov, 10 2002 - 23:01

I use Dvd2avi and then i use virtualDul, but the size of the file is big! what can i do???
Comments from anonymousposted - Oct, 02 2002 - 12:41
Hello! I am trying a way to convert an AC3 file to Multi-channel mp3 file, which will decrease the size so the movie will fit in 1 CD. Can u suggest any method and software?

[email protected]
Comments from adammisfortuneposted - Aug, 18 2002 - 01:28

I am new to this arena. Is it possible to make a DIVX movie with a Macintosh G4? If so, could you give me a walk through as to what I will need to acompolish this task?

Thank you!

Todd C
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