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 Convert VOB files to DivX;-) with Flask 0.594 
For this operatiom use a FlasKMPEG v.0.594 - download
step 1:
Start FlasKMPEG
Select from File menu Open File (open without IFO) or Open DVD (open with IFO)
step 2:
Open with IFO
With this selection you can easily select language and stream.
step 3:
Open without IFO
Simply pick first vob.
step 4:
Multiple audio streams
If movie has multiple audio streams select right stream in stream selector.
step 5:
Global project options
Now select from menu Options Global project options

Select Video tab.

Select iDCT options. MMX iDCT is fastest so leave in on MMX.

Most important is Time Base (fps). Region 2 dvds are all 25fps PAL. Region 1 dvds are NTSC and most will be 29,97 fps. Still use 23.976 options, if image has interlacing artifacts use deinterlace options.

step 6:
Select Audio tab
Just select Decode audio.
step 7:
Select Post Processing
Don't change anything, simply click on Show Output Pad.
step 8:
Output Pad
Use output size to resize the movie. Use crop to remove all black borders. Click on Hide. HINT: you can 720x576 movie rezise to 640x480 and crop to 576x256. This is smaller than original but you can use higher bitrate.
step 9:
Files tab
Select where to store the result, if you choose direct stream copy in Audio tab you can select where it should store audio file.
step 10:
General tab
In this tab select Compile whole file option and if you want select Shutdown computer after finishing the job.
step 11:
Output format options
In this options tab select audio codec and MPEG Layer 3 and 128 or 96 kBits/s. If don't have this options you must download mp3 codec, like Radium

Go one step back and under video click select video codec. Select divx low motion codec and click to configure.If don't have this options you must download DivX codec

I prefer keyframe every 3 seconds and Data rate minimum 910 KBits/s.

step 12:
Start conversion
In menu Run select Start Conversion. During conversion you get a nice display showing the progress.

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Comments from anonymousposted - Dec, 16 2002 - 15:44
update this tuturial please
Comments from anonymousposted - Nov, 14 2002 - 20:59
Hiya, it says i need DivX codec which i thought i had since i watch DivX movies but i cant find it in options. where can i download the DivX codec i need? thanks
Comments from trollekerposted - Nov, 06 2002 - 18:09
Very interesting, but I don't understand Portugize: why don't they speak a language all can read?
Comments from xstandposted - Oct, 10 2002 - 04:39
Eu tenho muitos problemas com a convers?úo, algu?¬m me ajude por favor. Uso o DivX APVC V3, ?? um codec da "angelpotion" os filmes n?úo ficam com grande qualidade e o tamanho fica monstruoso. Tem de haver algum truque... Algu?¬m me ajude, por favor...
Comments from xstandposted - Oct, 10 2002 - 04:37
Anonymous, sei que falas Portugu?¬s. N?úo sou grande coisa no assunto, mas o que te posso dizer ?? que tamb??m tive problemas desses e a solu?ž?úo ?? muito simples: Trata de arrefecer o PC, mete-lhe uma ventoinha ?á frante, como eu fiz... O meu PC aquece muito e como tal, o desempenho ?? muito pior, a menos que esteja bem refrigerado. Essa ?? uma das causas do atraso do ?íudio em rela?ž?úo ao v??deo, ?? absurdo, mas ?? verdade...
Comments from anonymousposted - Sep, 17 2002 - 18:33
audio delay problems, help!!!!!!!
Comments from anonymousposted - Sep, 12 2002 - 14:55
Everything is fine. The only thing is that the sound/audio is silent. How I can make it louder????????????
Comments from ambiguentposted - Sep, 09 2002 - 21:55
Help me!
I ripped Crossroads and the quality of DIVX movie I've made was awful.
The parameters were DivX Low motion -bitrate 910,keyframe every 1 second,
resolution 576*384,23.97...frame/sec.
Please explain me how can I improve the quality? And how to decrease the file size?
Thank you
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