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 Split AVI files 
step 1:
Start VirtualDub
Set for audio and video direct stream copy
step 2:
Beginning of the movie
Go to beginning of the movie (use menu Edit-move to beginning or keystroke Ctrl+Left)
step 3:
Choose the selection start (use menu Edit-Set selection start or keystroke Home)
step 4:
Enter a half of the movie
Enter a half of the movie (use menu Edit-Go to or keystroke Ctrl+G) If you don't know lenght of the movie try select File Information from File menu.
step 5:
End of scene
Search a point where scene ends (use buttons marked with yellow keys).
step 6:
Selection end
Set the selection end (use menu Edit-Set selection end or keystroke End).
step 7:
Save first part
Save a first part of the movie (simply use Save Avi from menu File or keystroke F7).
step 8:
Select second part
Now again use Set Selection start.
step 9:
End a movie
Goto end ot the movie (use menu Edit-move to end or keystroke Ctrl+Right).
step 10:
Selection end
Again use Set Selection end.
step 11:
Save a second part
Save a second part of the movie.

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How do I easily edit MPEG movies without any quality loss?
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More snapshots wanted!
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