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 Help with playing back DivX files 
DIV/X is a revolutionary new mpeg4 based compression codec distributed in .AVI container files.It is *NOT* related to the old defunct DVD rental system. It is a codec that allows dvd quality video to be compressed without loss to a size small enough to fit on one cd for a full length movie with cd audio quality.

All Divx movies must be viewed with the Divx Codec downloadable at:
Latest Version
3.11alpha release

Whats new on 3.11alpha release:
Only fixes the CPU Slider issue in the Direct Show decoder

Installation Instructions:
Download the file, install it to (Ex C:Program FilesDivx) Go to the start menu, find the divx folder, click Run Me First It will install the codec, if you dont do this step it will say "unable to find appropriate decompressor" and its not installed correctly.

The best way to make divx play 100x better and in sync, ESPECIALLY if you have a slower computer (p266+) here is how to do it, on almost EVERY Computer with Media Player (I HIGHLY do NOT suggest the Beta Windows Media Player 7 as it takes alot of resources)

step 1:
tweak media player - 1
Open up media player or any old divx file (movie, trailer, logo, intro anything) Stop it completely (not paused). This should work with all computers running Windows Media player, 9x and NT and Windows 2000. Do the following steps

Click View and Select Options

step 2:
tweak media player - 2
Under the Video/Zoom Tab should be a little bar with the words Hardware Acceleration.
step 3:
tweak media player - 3
Put this bar in the SECOND notch None - + - - FULL
step 4:
tweak media player - 4
Click OK
step 5:
tweak media player 2 - 1
Click File

Select Properties

step 6:
tweak media player 2 - 2
Select the Advanced Tab (Requires divx file to be OPEN)
step 7:
tweak media player 2 - 3
Select the Filter: DivX MPEG-4 DVD Video Decompressor
step 8:
tweak media player 2 - 4
Click Properties.
step 9:
tweak media player 2 - 5
Select the CPU bar and put it on 0 (all the way to the left)
step 10:
tweak media player 2 - 6
This WILL reduce the quality of the divx, but make it more likely to play better when you watch it. (Not out of sync, or other problems)
step 11:
Tweak on AMD K/6
If you have an AMD K/6, and divx is not working try the following.

1. Do this only if you are experiencing the lost frames or other errors.
2. Make a backup of this file c:\\windows\\system32\\
3. Delete this file.
4. See if your divx now has better playback. If not skip #5 and go to 6.
5. Delete your backup file.
6. Replace your backup file.
7. This is all i know about errors with AMD, and I can not help much more.
8. If problems persist, buy an Intel :)

step 12:
Divx Tweaks and Things to know
* You must have a fast computer to watch these, 300mhz is suggested
* These movies are ultra compressed, and high quality.
* The tweak above, even if u have a 500mhz or faster, this WILL help.
* Windows 2000, most likely will help improve your playback.
* For the best quality use 32bit color mode.
* Also note that lowering your resolution to 640x480 or 800x600 will help playback.

These have not all been tested by me. I\'ve used AMD technique from reports. Use at your own risk. I have NOT personally tested any AMD or Labtop techniques so if you got them, send them to me, if you dont know how to contact with me your not l33t enough to add them :P

Brought to you by #leech-divx and #divxhq on Efnet




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Comments from anonymousposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 07:49
hey i have a movie that i want to play what neccecary divx files do i need i am running windows XP. email me at [email protected]
Comments from jen0384posted - Dec, 12 2002 - 00:46
Could someone please help me I have a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon 1500

Im trying to play my movie back...I'm having trouble dl nimo or virtual dub if someone wouldnt mind taking the time out to help it would be greatly appreciated. I have Divx 5.0 too
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