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 Howto make a Dolby Digital Audio CDs 
What is it good for u ask - imagine an audio cd of your favorite dvd live performance recorded on a regular cdr and playable on any dvd that reads cdr The possibilities r great

What u need
Sonic Foundry Soft Encode
Audio Editing Software - your favorite proggie
CD Recording Soft - your favorite proggie

step 1:
Backup DVD
Backup your favorite music dvd to the HD - with anybody software from section Software/Ripping Tools
step 2:
Separate tracks
Use vobutils to separate all the tracks (opening the main movie ifo u will see all the tracks extract them all)
step 3:
Extract AC3 file
Use VOBrator to extract the ac3 file from each vob
step 4:
Demux AC3
Now open your ac3 file in softencode with demux to pcm option selected
step 5:
Six files
After the file is open go to your temp dir u will c 6 files which r *.tmp files
step 6:
Softencode session
Open another softencode session and use it to open raw date in order to open this files (*.tmp) one by one with 48khz settings and save as pcm wav each file (they r stored at this order - L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE)
step 7:
Open your favorite audio editing proggie and downmix each channel to 44.1khz (ulead media studio does it real quick)
step 8:
Again Softencode
Now open softencode again and go to encode setting . remove the auto from sample rate and choose 44.1 khz there (no need to change anything else)
step 9:
Add Channels
Add the downmixed channels at the following order L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE
step 10:
Choose save as dolby digital wav and wait for it to encode
step 11:
Your track is done , do the same to all the rest
step 12:
Burn with your favorite cdr progie as audio cd and enjoy yours truly C_Macleod (thnx to all who helped, u know who u r)

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Comments from anonymousposted - Jan, 10 2003 - 13:37
where I found the sonic foundry soft encode ? In the link on this site, does'n work.
Comments from anonymousposted - Dec, 22 2002 - 22:09
when i added de ac3 file to nero it said it was invalid... why did this happend?
Comments from jackobposted - Nov, 15 2002 - 14:09
Comments from anonymousposted - Nov, 14 2002 - 21:26
There's any way to make an avi file to dolby digital?, or is it imposible?
Comments from wizzyposted - Sep, 21 2002 - 13:25
good guide!
when i choose the tmp file i have option to choose betwen 48Kh and 44.1Kh
can i choose the 44.1Kh insted of turn it to 44.1 ?
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