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 How to Kill Time on the Web 
date: Dec, 05 2018
short description: The Internet is full of exciting stuff. If you are all out of ideas and don’t feel like going to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook all over again, take a look at our suggestions below.

The phenomenon known as Internet forums is slowly dying out. However, it has been replaced by one mega-forum called Reddit wherein all the web geeks can be found. It is a forum about everything, and it also has the biggest community in the world. Mind you, Reddit users are a brilliant bunch, and the site is often a source of the most interesting topics you can find on the Internet. If you are a type of person who likes to discuss ideas, make sure to register on Reddit. You’ll not be disappointed!

Online Casinos
Playing casino games in an actual land-based casino has become slightly outdated. Nowadays, you can access slots, roulettes, blackjack, poker, and many other casino games in just a couple of clicks. You can kill time and become a millionaire if you are lucky enough. Make sure to read about various online casinos and choose the one you like the most!

Trivia Quizzes
Trivia Quizzes can be found all over the web, and you just have to pick the right ones for you. They are a great time-killer and will also teach you a couple of things about our world. Check out Sporcle, as it is currently the most prominent online trivia quiz platform that you can test your knowledge on and in various categories, including sports, entertainment, music, and more.

Remember the days when you used to sit next to your older sibling and watch them play games on a PC or a console? It was as entertaining as if you were playing it. That’s the reason why Twitch is mainly targeted at gamers. Twitch tries to recreate that experience by allowing live streams of video games. At one point, they moved on and have become open towards all sorts of live streams!

Online Comics
The comics may not be as popular as they were thirty years ago, but some people still enjoy reading about the adventures of superheroes and other interesting comic-book characters. This Quora thread is filled with various suggestions of websites that allow you to read comics for free. If you enjoyed Marvel and DC comics back in the day, you would be happy to find out that even some of them can be found for free on the web.

Google Maps
Ever since Google revolutionized the way we view maps, we have been able to spin the globe, point with a finger on our desired destination and immediately see the streets from the first-person perspective. This gave birth to a very unusual activity – searching for interesting stuff that the Google car managed to film by accident. Try it. It’s fun!

Random Sites
The suggestions above were either massive platforms or general ideas about something that you can do on the web. However, we also found a couple of interesting sites which we just couldn’t fit into any category. If you are up for some weirdly fascinating stuff, check this out!

A Soft Murmur
Sometimes, a soft murmur is all we need to pass the time and concentrate. If you are a type of person who enjoys spending time listening to the rain thumping on your window frame, we have some good news for you! A Soft Murmur recreates various kinds of sounds, such as rain, thunder, waves, birds, crickets, and even the murmur from coffee shops. You can also mix the sounds and set their intensity. For example, you can combine rain with thunder, and then add some cricket chirping in the background!

Gravity Points
We think that we understand how gravity works, but do we really? Well, most of the time we are not even aware that it’s the only thing that keeps us grounded and down to earth (pun intended). However, if you want to see how small objects revolve around the bigger ones that attract them via gravity, you should check out this utterly useless but immensely fun site called Gravity Points. All you have to do is click with your mouse to create gravity points and watch other smaller dots being attracted to them. Watch out not to create a black hole!

If we managed to help you kill boredom – great! If not, use Google, the best friend of many bored people on the Internet who would rather explore new stuff than revert back to the old patterns repeated on the social media back and forth.
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